Current Research Projects

Association between Intra-Operative Cochlear Response Telemetry and Hearing Preservation (CREST)

This research project is testing an experimental system for monitoring the cochlea during cochlear implant surgery. The type of monitoring is called electrocochleography, and the equipment used for the measurement is currently named Cochlear Response Telemetry. This study will monitor … read more

Current Literacy Outcomes for Children who Received Hearing Devices Under 12 Months of Age

This project aims to assess literacy skills of children who have profound hearing loss. read more

Prediction of Outcomes in Adult Cochlear Implant Recipients

To determine what lifestyle or hearing factors influence how successful an individual will be with a cochlear implant. read more

The Effect of Cochlear Implants on Cognitive Function in Ageing Australians

It has recently been found that there is a significant correlation between hearing loss and a decline in cognitive function in the elderly. This project seeks to determine whether remediation of hearing loss with cochlear implants will delay or prevent cognitive decline. The results of this study will inform future hearing management of elderly adults around the world with hearing loss. read more