“How Loud is Too Loud?”


On 22 August  St Mary’s Primary School Warners Bay took place a in a “Loud Hair” Day event within the framework of Hearing Awareness Week.

The event was organised by Maree McTaggart, Audiologist from SCIC  Newcastle, Melanie Dowling from State Wide Infant Screening for Hearing Program (SWISH) at John Hunter Hospital and Kate Wills, Paediatric Audiologist from Australian Hearing.

The HAW Theme for 2013 is “How loud is too loud?”. Parents, teachers, St Dominic’s infant students, St. Mary’s Year 6, and some high school students from San Clemente also participated in the event. The children were allowed to come to school with coloured hair, bright ribbons or crazy wigs in line with the event theme of “Loud Hair” Day in exchange of a donation.

Maree and Melanie explained about hearing protection C-A-T strategy: Cover your ears, Avoid the noise and/or Turn it down. Students watched a movie produced by Australian Hearing called, “Damage your hearing and it won’t come back!” about how to take care of hearing by using hearing protection and avoiding loud places.

St Dominic’s infant students performed two signing songs using Auslan ─ Australian Sign Language. Communication tactics to employ when talking to someone with a hearing impairment were discussed as well.

Maree also gave the participants the first lesson of the AUSLAN signing alphabet, including some basic signs and greetings. St. Mary’s Year 6 students could ask their questions to High School students according to their experience in school and how the other classmates help them during lessons.

Kate presented Australian Hearing information, and Melanie gave information about SWISH Program, and diagnostic testing for the babies that do not pass their hearing screen. After that Emma, a student of Primary Education at University of Newcastle discussed Teaching Strategies for students with a hearing loss. Emma wears bilateral hearing aids and is in her final year of teacher training.

Money raised from the event was shared between the charity, SCIC  and the Audiology Department at John Hunter Children’s Hospital Newcastle.

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