Give in Memoriam

We understand that the loss of a loved one is a time of overwhelming sadness, and family members often look for a meaningful way to remember them by. A gift to SCIC to honour a loved one is a wonderful way to show regard and say goodbye in a most compassionate way.

SCIC can help by providing In Memoriam envelopes for a service or wake. Guests can place their donation into the envelope to be collected at the funeral or post back to SCIC.

SCIC will advise the family of who has made such a gift and the amount raised as well as providing a receipt and Letter of Thanks to all contributing mourners.

In recognition of this generous act, we will be pleased to add your loved one’s name to our online Remembrance Book.

In Loving Memory

SCIC gratefully acknowledges gifts received in memory of:

  • Mr. Hanna Bechara
  • Mr Norman Borger
  • Mrs. Jean Braithwaite
  • Mr. John Burns
  • Mrs. Jessie Lillian Buttenshaw
  • Mrs. Kathleen Cartwright
  • Mrs. Helen Chrystie
  • Beulah Colley
  • Mr. Alf Dal Broi
  • Mr. Charles Eather
  • Mrs. Diana Edmunds
  • Mr. Peter Eveleigh
  • Mr. Galstaun
  • Mr. Noel Harris
  • Mr. Eric Holmes
  • Mr Udo Jaster
  • Mr Callum King-Macdonald
  • Mr. Donald Stuart Kinnersley
  • Miss Alice Kocatekin
  • Mrs. Silvia MacCormick
  • Mr. Frank Marsh
  • Mr Sean Marshall-Cormack
  • Mr John Messner
  • Miss Pat O’Hara
  • Mrs Hazel Petry
  • Mr William (Bill) Pymont
  • Mr Antonio Rossetto
  • Mr. James Semple
  • Mrs. Kazuko Scott
  • Mr. G Sloane
  • Mr. Roger Stanley
  • Mr Bruno Stiller
  • Mrs. Zoe Tait
  • Mrs. Robyn Turner
  • Mr. Alan Waite
  • Mrs. Audrey Wood