Give through Payroll Deduction

Work place giving allows you to make convenient regular gifts to SCIC. These donations are made out of pre-tax dollars and you nominate any amount as your donation to SCIC.

When you donate via regular payroll deductions, your employer can reduce the amount withheld from your pay. Your donation is deducted pre-tax, with the donation and tax deduction happening at the same time. This means that you no longer have to wait until the end of the financial year to benefit from your donation. Your taxable income is reduced by the amount of your donation and you receive the refund at the same time as you contribute.

Ask your employer if they would be willing to match your donation – it’s a simple way for them to demonstrate their commitment to staff and what is important to them and the community.

Workplace Giving is a great way to support the work of SCIC. It’s both cost effective and efficient.

To make it easy for you you can set up this system by using our partner Charities Aid Foundation.

Click on CAF and select SCIC as the recipient of your pre-tax donation

If you would like to know more about Workplace Giving, please contact us for further details.

SCIC Development Office
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T: 1300 658 981
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