Introduce SCIC

One of the best ways to raise awareness of the fantastic work SCIC does for deaf children and adults is to introduce the organisation to your friends, work colleagues, any community organisation etc that you belong to.

SCIC is happy to arrange to have your group visit the centre at any time or to attend a meeting and give a presentation.

Pamphlets, newsletters and other promotional material is also available for you to hand out in support of your introduction. Similarly, SCIC will send information to any address supplied.

Introduce SCIC to a Community Club

SCIC is privileged to have the ongoing support of many Quota International Clubs through their active interest in deafness in the community.

Do you have connections with a community club: Rotary, Apex, Over 50’s or Special Interest Group?

Introduce SCIC as your favourite charity and suggest that the group fundraise to help. Why not putt SCIC forward for their sponsorship? We are always happy to provide guest speakers for meetings and dinners who will explain in greater depth the significance of your club’s fundraising involvement.

Introduce SCIC to a Staff Association

Staff Associations are always looking for appropriate causes. If you have an active group where you work, introduce SCIC to them and ask if they are interested in supporting us. SCIC would be very happy to assist you with more information.

If you would like to receive promotional material or arrange for a visit or speaker, please contact:

SCIC Development Office
02 9844 6805