SCIC  Cochlear Implant Program is a service of the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children (RIDBC). RIDBC is a charitable organisation  that relies heavily on community support to continue its work with vision and hearing impaired Australians.

SCIC receives limited Government funding and is dependent on community support to deliver its services. The program has DGR endorsement for fundraising.

As part of RIDBC’s charitable aim, SCIC raises funds to assist deaf people who gain little benefit from conventional hearing aids have the opportunity to use cochlear implant technology and associated services to access the hearing world.

We engage individuals, the community, corporate and philanthropic groups to help us with our fundraising objectives.

SCIC is  one of the largest and most experienced cochlear implant programs worldwide.

However, your support is crucial in helping provide individual care for every one of our recipients and in ensuring that deaf people are given the opportunity to be part of the hearing world.


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