Thompson, Kian

Kians story

As first time parents we were over joyed by our first born son as any new parent is , but what we didnt expect was an emotional roller coaster and yet unique journey he was about to take us on to watch it all unfold.

From the first few weeks battling colic, bowel problems and reflux til he was 4 months of age being sick for 3 weeks out of the month with Broncilitise which he eventually was hospitalised for a week severely at 8 months of age.

Having thought we could finally see light at the end of the tunnel with him getting better , we finally got to hear his first words only a few weeks after ” mum mum mum” non stop for the next month or two.

Kian was never one to get up set, and never ever seemed to cry although we was always intrigued by visual things that moved non stop or something very colourful.

Being a very routine strict baby almost down to the second he depended on things that he only knew, and didnt like things to change as it was comforting for him to have the same surroundings.

After his first birthday he was then diagnosed with Allergies and Asthma which was fortunately manageable right away.

When Kian finally got up on his feet to walk at 18months old i started to question things to doctors, family and friends that were out of the ordinary:

  • Why does he LOVE fans and spinning wheels so much his over excited?
  • Why isn’t he talking?
  • Why is he not soothed by my voice when having night terrors until he feels my touch?

At 21 months enough was enough and we saw our paediatrician to do some testing. He sent us to get a hearing test first as Kian missed his SWIS-H test as a newborn as he was always awake when they needed to test him whilst he was asleep. but it wasn’t from lack of trying to get an appointment afterwards but we never received one.

His first hearing test showed he had no response and was sent to Australian Hearing for it to be confirmed he had Significant Hearing loss. After numerous testing fortnightly and still no change in results we were referred to an Ear, Nose, And Throat Specialist professor Paul Walker. He sent Kian to do further testing in hospital under sedation of a MRI and a CT scan.

In the mean time until diagnosis Kian received 2 hearing aids a month before his second birthday which he wore for 3 months at every waking moment which he thoroughly enjoyed wearing in his ears.

After so many emotions flaring Mark and I did alot of research of what options we had to offer Kian to get the best results for him to live as much of a normal life as possible. Kian was one year old by now This is when we discovered SCIC and the cochlear implant.
SCIC sent us and information pack The stories we read and the movies we watched of recipients of the cochlear implant, they were speaking so clearly and them having near perfect hearing was light a massive weight was lifted off our shoulders as there was a positive option. Although we were very nervous of the 3-4 hour surgery the positives out weight the negatives by a long shot.

We were referred to SCIC about a month later and started the testing to see if Kian was suitable for a cochlear implant. Not long after the sedation tests come back the same as previous the MRI had finally confirmed he had Sensorneurial Hearing Loss and had the nerves in his ear which meant he was eligible for a cochlear implant.

Live in the Hunter area –  It was only a week and a half from the results that Mark and I nominated that we were willing if it was faster to head to Children’s Hospital Westmead as there was a cancellation straight away.

Implant surgery with Dr Simone Bordman at CHW – All went well for Kian’s surgery and recovery has been fine.

He recovered as if nothing had happened that he had just woken up from a huge day sleep, as he was in no pain what so ever which was comforting for 2 tired parents.

End of September 11. Switch on in Newcastle with Carmel Ramsay and Fran Kellaher.  Attended with mum and dad and Jenny –grandma and greg-step grandad.

Imped Ok . Lovely smiles and turns to stims at high current levels. Sweeps at his Ts which i think were well above true threshold. reduced Ts by 50cls and gradually increased CLs when live. No tolerance probs with a good DR .Turned SP off and back on -no discomfort – lots of smiles. No real detection of lings.CR/FK2

His first sounds after switch on was amazing to witness as he played on his xylophone and couldn’t believe the sound he heard and from his key board playing music, to his absolute favourite Mickey Mouse dvd he was overwhelmed.

A month later he is comfortably wearing device on his ear now, all fine – Loves it, wants it on. No issues re retention

Life has been so busy for us but its much happier and calmer as Kian develops more hearing through his implant and is imitating sounds and responding to his name to detecting normal everyday things.

Its five months since his switch-on and we are so happy with Kian’s progress and we have decided to proceed with a second implant for him. We are going to see Dr Walker again and with the support of SCIC Newcastle we hope that this will give Kian even better access to sound.

We would like to take this opportunity to say a HUGE THANK YOU to SCIC for making this all possible and helping us and Kian learn and teach him how to listen through his new “ear”.

THANK YOU to Dr Simone Boardman and Professor Paul Walker for safely performing the surgery and giving Kian the greatest gift in life, his hearing. 🙂

But mostly THANK YOU to out closest family and friends for all their encouragement and support through out the whole process of nearly 3 years.

Mark, Kian and I Love you all so much xox

Ashley Thompson