Prospective Collaborations


SCIC has a duty of care for their patients who take part in research studies. Prospective projects must therefore be subject to approval by our research governance committee.

How to Apply

Our Research Committee meets regularly to review all submitted research proposals. Applications may be lodged at any time. Please submit your research proposal to .

Amendments to Research Studies

Should an approved project require protocol changes, please fill and submit the Project Amendment Form in advance of any variation during the course of the project. This includes (but is not limited to) changes to the research team, study sites, methodology, number of participants and anticipated project duration.


Progress Updates

SCIC research committee requires a Project Progress Report be submitted every 12 months from the date of SCIC approval.


Final Project Report and Data Access

A Final Report Form must be submitted to the SCIC within one month of the project completion date. SCIC will have the right to access the study data that has been collected from SCIC participants and/or data that has been collected through the use of RIDBC tests for research purposes. However, SCIC will seek the permission of the applicant/PI should the organisation wish to present or publish this data outside of RIDBC.


Incident Reporting

It is imperative that the HREC and the SCIC Research Committees are notified of any adverse or unusual events that may occur during testing. A report must be submitted to the committee detailing:

  • Any necessary background information
  • The incident
  • How harmful the incident is to the patient?
  • Steps that the investigators are taking to avoid this incident occurring in the future?

Contact Us

Should you have any queries regarding the committee’s review process or would like to collaborate with SCIC Cochlear Implant Program, please email us at