Are implantable devices better than hearing aids?

Implantable hearing devices can deliver improvements over hearing aids, especially in the crucial area of speech recognition.

What is the cost of an implantable hearing device?

Our services are available to both public and private health patients.

An implantable hearing device and the affiliated support services we provide are often able to be supplied to individuals with no out of pocket costs.

We utilise funding received from government, Medicare, the public health system, private health insurance (if available) and/or support from our charitable fundraising initiatives to provide our services.

Can I get an implantable hearing device in both ears?

During the assessment process you will receive a recommendation about which ear to implant or if bilateral (both ears) implantation is a suitable option. Private funding is available for bilateral CIs for children and adults. Public funding is available for children with bilateral CIs and at this stage, only unilateral CIs in adults.

How future proof is the technology?

Implantable hearing devices are designed to last a lifetime and are usually able to be upgraded without the need for further surgery. Advancements in the technology are ongoing and we provide advice on new product releases, updates and enhancements.

Can I use the telephone?

Many people who use implantable hearing devices can also use a phone. This ability does vary and depends upon the associated factors of your hearing loss and practicing with the device.

Can I play sport or swim?

Contact sports such as football and activities where blows to the head are possible are not advised. Water sports are fine and either require you to remove your processor or utilise a water protective sleeve available from most manufacturers.

Am I too old?

Nobody is too old for an implantable hearing device. There is no upper age limit for implantation if you are medically fit for surgery. Recipients in their nineties have been implanted with good outcomes.

Which hearing device is suitable for me?

We can help you to find out which hearing solution will provide the best outcome for you through our assessment process.