Cochlear Implant Recipient Stories

Colin’s cochlear implant journey

“I’ve had my cochlear implant for only about a month but I’ve tested it out in noisy bars and restaurants, group settings, boardroom meetings and auditoriums and I don’t think I have missed a word.”

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Victoria – Ettalong

“When my dad spoke to me I could understand what he was saying! I said, ‘Oh my goodness, I can hear the ‘S’ and ‘SH’ sound’ – I really hadn’t heard them well before.”

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Suzie – West Pennant Hills

“I’m enjoying listening to the waves lapping onto the shore and being able to hear the other boats around me when I’m kayaking with my waterproof cochlear implant.”

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Angie – Sydney Inner West

“Since my cochlear implant was ‘switched on’ I am now much more aware of a variety of sounds that I was previously unable to hear and I’m still learning new sounds seven years later!”

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Clare – Eastwood

“I’m enjoying listening to the music of my youth and favourite bands – especially the Seekers and the Beatles!”

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Jil – Springwood

“With my cochlear implant I can again socialise with my family and friends. I am now able to be part of life, instead of just being there.”

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Terrianne – Camden

“At switch on my son played bohemian rhapsody to me on his phone and I burst into tears, it sounded great!”

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Ros’ Journey

“I can now speak one on one with people and I’m really looking forward to my daughter’s wedding and getting back to work.”

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Donna – Coogee

“I remember driving home after the implant was switched on and I heard this sound getting closer – then this big truck raced past and I turned to my husband and said ‘I heard that coming! I can hear!”

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Stanley – Jabiru

“We’re just amazed every day. He is now speaking all the time, using three to four word sentences.”

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Liz – Newcastle

“Now I can enjoy watching TV at a volume that is comfortable for my husband. Before the volume was so loud he would escape to the garage – and could still hear the TV from there!”

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Marianne – Port Macquarie

“Now, my quality of life has increased exponentially. As a swimming coach my job is all about communicating – imagine coaching children’s swimming squads across six swimming lanes without your hearing!”

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Wendy – Barkers Vale

“Ten days after my switch on I could hear birds, blinkers, and the tinging of the spoon in a teacup – I had forgotten that sound! It was life changing. My cochlear implant is my new best friend.”

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Heidi – Canberra

“I’m still amazed by the things that I can hear now – things I had no idea I was missing out on before. I now have a lot more confidence in my hearing ability.”

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Austin – Yagoona

“The Austin of today is thankful to the SCIC Cochlear Implant Program. The love and help received from everyone, especially the dedicated teachers, has improved the life of Austin and our family. We are so grateful to those people and for doing so, we promise to always help Austin with his learning and enable him to integrate into our community.”

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Lachlan – Hamilton

“Having already been used to sound all my life from my hearing aids, I have noticed just how loud and crisp sound is with my cochlear implant, which is a huge improvement for me.”

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